OFSC District 7

Welcome to OFSC District 7 – Muskoka & North Simcoe

Stretching from the shores of Georgian Bay to the boundaries of Algonquin Park, District 7 has an abundance of trails located north of Toronto.  Our trail network provides a link between northern and southern Ontario communities in the Highways 11 & 400 corridors, translating into unlimited touring opportunities!

It’s not difficult to understand why District 7 is such a popular snowmobile destination. As the first district north of Toronto with real, consistent snow conditions; the District 7 trail network provides snowmobilers with spectacular views of frozen lakes surrounded by snow-clad hills, valleys and thick forests. Whether your preference is short loops or multiple day journeys, this large trail network will provide you with unlimited touring opportunities. Each route offers snowmobilers a different riding experience with a mix of scenic bush trails and wide-open areas. Snowmobilers never need to worry about accessibility to services because a variety of businesses providing food, accommodations, fuel and repair services are located along the trail.  We guarantee your snowmobiling experience will be exciting and scenic, whether your preference is a short loop trip or multiple day journeys.

District 7 is a hub of the Trans Ontario Provincial (TOP) trail network with a number of TOP trails intersecting throughout the region and is an integral part of Round Algonquin Park (RAP) Tour. Local snowmobile clubs have maintained snowmobile trails in Muskoka and surrounding areas for over 50 years. The member clubs of District 7 maintain an approximate 1800 kilometer network of trails covering some of Ontario’s most scenic landscape. Clubs are members of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC), which represents the 231 local snowmobile clubs who operate and maintain over 30,000 kilometers of snowmobile trails throughout Ontario.

Member clubs of OFSC District 7 include:

OFSC District 7

D7 Office Location

  95 Manitoba St. Units 4 & 6

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